Not thrilled with the financial services industry? Neither are we…and we aim to be different!

The critical factor in making the best decisions for you is knowing your definition of a good life—you’ve got this part!

We live in a busy world of too much information and too many things to do. When it comes to money choices, we often hear that we aren’t smart enough to make our own decisions or that we don’t have enough money to be worthy of high quality professional services. At Fair Winds, we disagree on both counts!

You can understand the financial framework so that you can make the best decisions for you, in keeping with your values and priorities. We’ll partner with you to:

Educate—Making good decisions requires understanding the landscape. We’ll break it down into chunks you can manage and terms that make sense to you.

Empower—We’ll walk through the decision-making process together. Knowing that you’ve been well-advised, you’ll have confidence in your choices.

Encourage—We’ll create step-by-step instructions to put your plan into action and make sure that you understand them. Then we’ll periodically check back in to see how you are progressing and to cheer you on towards your goals.

Professional financial planning assistance is available to you. We make our financial planning services accessible by offering advice on an hourly basis—there are no minimum account balances or annual retainers. We work with people at every life stage who need answers to money questions. We sell no product other than our advice. Your satisfaction is our only goal--understanding your values, needs and priorities to help you make the best choices for you is our primary objective.

What MatterS Most to You?

We count the things that are easy to measure—like money. This is the focus of the  traditional financial services industry.

 At Fair Winds, we believe that you are much more than the balances in your bank and investment accounts. Those lovely intangibles--raising your kids, championing a worthy cause, seeing the world, caring for your elderly parents, doing meaningful work--aren’t easy to quantify but are the true measure of our lives. Money and time are the tools we can use to create the unique lives we want. We want to understand what makes you tick, where you want to go and what’s important to you. Once we do, we can help you get there! We’ll help you shine a light on what is most important in your life, then create a plan to move you in that direction. You’ll choose the destination, but we’ll chart the course and teach you to navigate to it.

Working Together

If you want to take charge of your money and your life and are ready to roll up your sleeves and learn something new, we can do this! At Fair Winds, our mission is to put you at the helm of your life. We’ll work together on a plan that is as unique as you are and we’ll educate you so that you can confidently work your plan.

It’s all about collaboration, at every step:

What matters most to you?

What’s your current situation?

What are your goals?

By understanding what is important to you and where you are today, we can develop a plan to get you to your dreams. Be prepared—we’ll ask questions to get you talking about yourself, in an effort to understand who you are. And we may ask you to take a survey and dig out some of your financial documentation to make sure we have a good handle on where you are now.  Throughout the process, we’ll be getting to know you better which will allow us to craft a plan that is uniquely right for you. The process of examining and prioritizing your various goals and dreams can be life-changing…and we’ll create an easy-to-follow action plan to move you along your chosen path.