About Beth

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I’m passionate about empowering people to live their best lives! Women and young people, in particular, often have doubts about their decision-making capabilities…and this is where I can make a difference. With a Cornell MBA and decades of practice helping others make optimal decisions in business and community college settings, I bring broad and deep financial and life experience to bear on the issues that keep you awake at night.

 I believe in living the dream—I put myself through college and graduate school, then landed my dream job in finance in New York City. Seven years later, I left my career as an institutional investor to spend eight years sailing in the Caribbean, taking people on sailing and scuba diving vacations. Subsequently, I served my community by creating and running a community college internship program. And, while actively engaged in my career, for more than a decade I’ve been caring for my aging parents. Whatever your dreams are, I can help you take steps to bring them to life.


Why Fair Winds?

On parting, sailors wish each other “fair winds and following seas”—the perfect conditions for a sailing passage. At Fair Winds Financial Advice, we help people prepare for all conditions on their lives’ journeys.




Trust—the basis for all of our relationships

Transparency—clarity about what you’ll pay for and the product you’ll receive

Objectivity—we are completely impartial in the advice we offer because the only thing we sell is our advice

Individualized service—while our advice is impartial, it is created uniquely for you, to address your needs and desires. We don’t use templates or put clients in boxes . We deliver the advice you need at the time you need it.

Education—we love to learn and to help others learn.

Knowledge is freedom...
— Miles Davis