If you clicked to this page first (pricing), we’re kindred spirits!

I like to know what I’m getting for my money. It’s part of the reason I chose to offer my planning services on an hourly basis—because of the transparency. You will know exactly what you are paying me for! Whatever service you choose, you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that you’re making well-informed financial decisions that are in keeping with your values and goals. You’ll be getting advice from an experienced financial professional who is equal parts educator and advisor. So, you’ll learn what’s important for you to know to make good choices (don’t worry, it isn’t as difficult as you’ve heard from most in the financial services industry) and get straightforward, clear instructions on how to move forward.

 In the short-run, it is less expensive to go solo. But the cost of missed opportunities and choices that aren’t optimal for you or that have unanticipated consequences is high. Plus, you’ll miss out on the peace of mind that having an experienced professional on your side provides.


Initial Action Plan

Designed to give you a good assessment of where you are now and what next steps you should take. We’ll focus on:

Income and expenses


Estate Planning

Saving and investing

Note: retirement projections and detailed investment advice are beyond the scope of the Initial Action Plan.



Custom Financial Planning Project

If you need anything from the answer to one burning question (can I afford to change careers or retire, for example) to a comprehensive financial plan, including detailed retirement projections and investment recommendations, or something in between, we do that!

$500 to $5,000 based on time required


How it works

We’ll collaborate to come up with a plan that you want to follow to take you where you want to go:

  • We’ll use questionnaires and conversations to help you clarify what your best life looks like.

  • You’ll provide the data and we’ll do the analysis and research.

  • We’ll walk through our recommendations together to make sure they fit.

  • Then we’ll give you easy to follow directions to follow.

  • Repeat—Life happens and there will be more decisions—you’ll let us know when you need us.